Living Philosophy

Fostering an Environment of Creativity

No matter where I am or what I am doing, it is important that I am doing my part in fostering an environment where people are able and willing to foster their own creativity as well as one where I am able to do so myself.

Contributing to Diversity and Collaboration

In today’s day and age, many people are pressing to embrace diversity as a means of ridding the world of racism and discrimination. This is extremely important, but this topic goes well beyond this particular issue for me. Because every single person in the world contributes to the diversity of our planet, we have an invaluable opportunity to create a unique environment virtually anywhere we are. For this reason, collaboration is vital to creating a healthy, creative environment.

Exemplifying Servant Leadership

It is always my goal to exude an apparent level of servant leadership, whether in a named leadership role or not. It is my hope that, by doing this, I am doing my part in creating an environment of mutual respect as well as one that both myself and others enjoy being a part of.

Succeeding with Integrity

It can be said that people find meaning in their life when there is constantly somewhere to go or something upon which to improve. This kind of success is defined differently by everyone, but it is important to accept this success with integrity and humility by remembering your roots as well as the fact that the success was likely not accomplished without the help or guidance of others. Those who appear to enjoy long-term success seem to hold true to this philosophy.

Maintain and Establish Tradition

Tradition holds a special place in the hearts of many people, both traditional and forward thinking, as traditions are often maintained for good reason. With this in mind, it is always my goal to not only accept but help maintain and honor already existing traditions within any environment. Additionally, it is my goal to establish new traditions in hopes of leaving behind a legacy regardless of whether or not my name is attached.

Progress with Vision

The most successful people in this world started dreaming as a child and never stopped. This innate ability to constantly be thinking of what could be fuels progress and innovation unlike anything else. As someone who is driven by dreams and vision for progress and ultimate success, I have always had a sense of ongoing purpose which continues to fuel my progress and creativity.